T.R. Winston, along with our affiliates, has been investing in operating companies since our firm’s founding more than 30 years ago. Our direct investment activities range from passive positions in publicly traded and privately held companies, to change-of-control investments. We most often invest in operating companies in conjunction with our institutional, family office and high net worth clients.

Our core investment philosophy is one of partnership. We are interested in identifying management teams who have demonstrated a track record of success in their prior endeavors, and who are typically seeking growth capital from a knowledgeable and reliable financial partner. We tend to be long-term investors across a variety of industries, including healthcare, oil and gas, new media, financial services, manufacturing and retailing.

By making direct investments in operating companies, we gain valuable insights and hands-on experience from participating in business ownership. Our direct investment activities have provided significant benefits to our corporate finance and advisory clients. T.R. Winston’s investing activities emphasize the benefits of long-term relationship merchant banking.